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After Americans Reject Progressive Agenda, Warren Tries To Double-Down

It’s been a full week and Elizabeth Warren still can’t figure out the message sent by voters during last week’s election. Yesterday, she implied that voters didn’t support Democrats for the absurd reason that ObamaCare did not go far enough.

According to an attendee present in the audience at a closed-door event for Democracy Alliance, a network of millionaires and billionaires who funnel their fortunes to aid progressive causes, Warren blamed compromises that were made by Democrats on ObamaCare and the Stimulus, arguing that those compromises robbed Democrats of “bragging points for the 2016 presidential contest.”

Falling short on a massive health care expansion, and passage of an economic stimulus that was not as robust as many liberals wanted, hurt Democrats’ efforts to win support from voters harmed by the 2008 economic crash, she asserted, according to the two sources.

Warren blasted the health care law and renewed her call for a “public option” that would give government even more control of a system that is seeing costs spike and leaving consumers with fewer choices:

On the Affordable Care Act, Warren said that while she has defended the law as much as anyone, it was not bold or transformative enough, the attendees said. Fewer than 3 percent of Americans get their insurance through Affordable Care Act, she noted. The health law ultimately did not contain a “public option,’’ such as a Medicare-style federal plan that would have competed directly with private insurance companies on the health insurance marketplaces in each state.

She also decried the Stimulus which was pushed heavily by President Obama and Warren’s Democratic allies, but ended up costing taxpayers billions of dollars with nothing to show for it:

Warren delivered a similar assessment of Democrats’ handling of the 2009 economic stimulus. She asked the audience if anyone could name any specific items that the law funded. One person in the audience shouted out “Solyndra!” a reference to a solar-panel company that received funding under a loan-guarantee program created by the stimulus then filed for bankruptcy.

Her speech yesterday and repeated effort to push ideas that would dramatically grow the size and influence of the federal government only show how out-of-touch she is with the message that the majority of Americans are sending. If her only ideas are to expand the failed health care law and spend even more taxpayer money, Warren must be living in a fantasy land that doesn’t understand what Americans voted for last week.

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