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AFL-CIO: Acosta Has “History Of Enforcing The Laws That Protect Workers”

Late last week after President Trump nominated Alexander Acosta as Labor Secretary, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka touted his strong labor record & didn’t rule out an endorsement:

CHUCK TODD: Let me ask you about the new Labor Secretary, you had some nice words about him. Obviously you weren’t a fan of Puzder, Andy Puzder. You said “Alexander Acosta’s nomination deserves serious consideration. In one day we’ve gone from a fast-food CEO who routinely violates labor law to a public servant with experience enforcing it.” Where are you on it?

RICHARD TRUMKA: Well, we’re going to vet him, but he does have a history of enforcing the laws that protect workers, which is a real plus, whereas Puzder had a history of violating the rules.

TODD: Is there a chance you could endorse this nomination?

TRUMKA: We’ll look through records and the answer is there’s a possibility.

TODD: All right.

TRUMKA: Would I say that tonight? Not ready to yet, but I think this is a major step in the right direction when it comes to working families and protecting workers’ rights.
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