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Administration Takes Strong Step By Withdrawing From Paris Accord

President Trump announced today that the U.S. would put its own best-interest first and withdraw from the deeply flawed Paris climate agreement.

With this decision, President Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt are keeping their promise to the American people that they will protect the environment, but will not sacrifice American jobs or growth.

Estimates showed that the U.S.’s involvement in the Paris Accord would result in a GDP loss of $3 trillion and put up to 6.5 million jobs at risk, especially in the manufacturing sector. It’s not a surprise that the rest of the world passionately wants the U.S. to remain part of the agreement, because it will weaken our global influence and it will be our country that is forced to shed jobs and pass up economic growth opportunities.

Fortunately, President Trump and Administrator Pruitt are not wavering from commitments they made. By withdrawing from this terrible agreement, the United States will no longer be at a disadvantage when competing with the rest of the world and we can now take steps to rebuilding our economy and putting Americans back to work.



photo sourceThe Washington Examiner 

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