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8 Questions Chris Koster Can’t Answer

Missouri’s GOP Gubernatorial Candidates will take part in yet another debate tonight as they continue to put forward substantive answers to problems facing the state. While they are talking about ways to help Missouri families, Chris Koster continues to hide from the media because he has no solutions to offer and dodges questions that need answers.

Missouri Rising has put together a list of questions that any candidate seeking to become Governor should answer. Unfortunately, Koster has not answered any of these yet and the voters should take note of what his continued silence on these important topics means:

  1. Why do you oppose job-creating Right-To-Work Legislation? Is it because big labor groups have poured millions into your campaign?
  1. Can you assure Missourians that Big Labor groups won’t have special access to you as Governor, even though they have bankrolled your campaign excessively?
  1. Given your shady track record with lobbyists (see New York Times “stinging” report) why should Missouri voters trust you not to be influenced by your campaign contributors?
  1. Why have you been absent on the campaign trail, skipping Democratic forums and not taking part in interviews? Do the people of Missouri deserve to hear your plans for the state?
  1. Why hasn’t your office upheld the Sunshine Law, which is something you promised to do when you campaigned for Attorney General?
  1. Will you attend the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this year, after going in 2008 and 2012?
  1. Will you support the Democratic Party Platform which calls for a job-crushing $15 minimum wage and has been largely influenced by avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders?
  1. Following the FBI’s investigation that found that Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” with classified information as Secretary of State, do you think she is fit to handle classified information as President?
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