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2020 Dems Flock to Progressive Policy Proposals

As the quest for the Democratic presidential nomination gets underway, those who are laying the groundwork for a 2020 run are eager to attach their names to far- left policy ideas to win over the progressive base. As NPR noted today, these contenders havebeen putting forward a steady stream of uber-progressive economic policies — some of which would have been unthinkable for mainstream candidates a few presidential cycles ago.” They include:

  • Job Guarantees
  • Basic Income
  • Medicare For All
  • More Regulations on Businesses
  • Expanding Paid Family Leave And Legislation Targeting Specific Companies
  • Rent Subsidies

All of these lofty ideas come with a hefty price tag and no clear path for being implemented. Fissures within the party are already emerging as many economists have criticized the concepts. With an overwhelming number of candidates rumored to throw their hat in the ring, these proposals will likely be at the forefront of the primary battle.

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