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$1.5 Million: How Much Teacher Unions Have Spent On Sen. Hassan’s Behalf

Senator Maggie Hassan just wrapped up her turn to grandstand on the Senate Floor in opposition to Betsy DeVos. Senator Hassan may be the largest beneficiary of this teacher union money that’s driving DeVos’s opposition to the tune of more than $1.5 million.
Senator Maggie Hassan’s unbridled loyalty to national teacher unions and their opposition to Betsy DeVos comes at a price of  $1.5 million spent by NEA Advocacy Fund on her behalf in the 2016 election. While most Senate Democrats have taken large sums of campaign contributions from teacher unions, Sen. Hassan has benefited by their money more than almost of all of her senate colleagues.
  • $1,564,310 was spent by NEA Advocacy Fund to defeat Hassan’s opponent in 2016.
  • $15,004 from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
  • $10,995 from the National Education Assn (NEA)
Sen. Hassan’s opposition to Betsy DeVos has been bought and paid for by teacher unions who helped get her elected, and now she is returning the favor and doing their bidding in the Senate.
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