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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING – Consensus Builds For DeVos’ Confirmation (Vol. VIII)

As Betsy DeVos gets set to outline her priorities for the Department of Education during tomorrow’s hearing, the outside commentary in favor of her confirmation has only strengthened among elected officials, education experts, and key opinion-makers:

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott: “Three years ago I went to Michigan and spoke at the aviation charter high school that is funded in part by Betsy DeVos and the DeVos family. These are folks who have been committed to providing quality education to at-risk kids not for a year, not for two years, but three decades almost. “

  • “She’s committed to the cause of quality education. She puts the kid before the rest of the system, and that’s the way education should be.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz: “And let me add, that I think Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary, that is a bold pick…Betsy has been a champion for school choice for decades and I am thrilled to see the Secretary of Education be someone who will be a champion for kids. That is what that job should be.” 

Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker: “Betsy DeVos is a capable leader, dedicated to improving education throughout our nation. I am confident she will work to place decision-making back where it belongs — in the hands of parents, local leaders and states.’” 

Congressman Dave Trott (MI-11): “Betsy has worked tirelessly on behalf of the children of our country, striving to improve education and return authority back to those who know it best, parents and the states. Not only has Michigan benefited from her efforts, but she’s worked across the country to improve test scores and promote the highest level of academic achievement.”

  • “She’s committed to not only promoting strong schools, but has also worked on an individual basis, personally mentoring children and interacting with their parents. I have no doubt that Betsy will continue to be a strong advocate for our children and that she will ensure that our education is as it should be, the greatest in the world.”

Congressman Tim Walberg (MI-07): “We need someone leading the Department of Education working with Congress to leave decision-making in the hands of parents and local communities, not in Washington. Betsy DeVos is that person. She’s dedicated her life fighting for children in Michigan. She’s been a tireless advocate for giving families choices and ensuring our kids have access to quality education, including public schools, regardless of their zip code.” 

  • “She has a heart for children and will be a champion for every student in America. I encourage the senate to confirm her quickly so that together we can get to work on ensuring a high-quality education is in reach of every child.”

Congressman Bill Huizenga (MI-02): “Betsy’s fought for children in classrooms to state capitols and her efforts have given more kids hope for a brighter future. In our shared home state of Michigan, Betsy led the effort to pass the state’s first charter school law, and according to Stanford University, Michigan’s charter students now perform at a higher level than they do than their peers.”

  • “I witnessed Betsy’s creativity and discipline first-hand when we served together on the board of Compass College of Cinematic Arts, a Grand Rapids, Michigan – based film school and production company. We implemented rigorous standards that set Compass up for accreditation, and it now holds them accountable. I know that Betsy is up to the challenge of ensuring our children are prepared to complete and thrive in our ever-changing world.”

Congressman John Moolenaar (MI-04): “She shares our belief that all children should have the opportunity to learn in a world-class environment and that they, along with their parents, should be able to choose the school that is best for them. In Michigan, she has improved learning opportunities for students from low-income backgrounds all across the state. She knows that local control plays a key role in educators’ ability to tailor lesson plans that best provide the education for our students.”

  • “For decades, Betsy DeVos has worked tirelessly on education issues and she’s been a champion for parents and students. As a parent of six children who have attended public schools, I’m confident she will do an outstanding job as our next secretary of education.”

Congressman Luke Messer (IN-06): “‘She has always taken the time to learn the details of policy needed to bring change for America’s kids,’ Messer told IndyStar. He added: ‘She’s somebody who stays focused on the art of the possible, not just what might work in theory.’” 

  • “No Secretary of Education has understood more about educational opportunity than Betsy DeVos, so I’m very excited about the potential of the next couple of years.”

Mississippi Lt. Governor Tate Reeves: “As lieutenant governor of Mississippi, I know the importance of ensuring that every student has access to a truly revolutionary education, regardless of the zip code in which they live or the income level of their parents.”  

  • “Mrs. DeVos’s ardent dedication to this principle, along with her passion for innovative and transformational educational opportunities, will be a fundamental change that our students so desperately need.”

Georgia State Senator Hunter Hill: “For the past 28 years, she has fought valiantly for the interests of parents and school children when public sector unions and school administrators resisted efforts to expand school choice or to allow public monies to follow the child to the school that best suits him or her.”

  • “She is a proven conservative reformer with a big heart and passion for children.” 

William Bennett, Former Education Secretary Under President Reagan: “She believes parents and communities know what their kids need and she has pledged to empower them further. She understands how to balance state and local control with federal oversight, and she has committed to using both to raise academic expectations to better prepare students for the challenges of college and a competitive economy.”

  • “Voting to approve Betsy DeVos as the next Secretary Of Education will not only demonstrate that our political leaders are on the right side of this emerging change, it will do right by parents, teachers and students.”

Robert Enlow, President & CEO Of EdChoice: “In her nearly 30 years of education experience, DeVos has demonstrated time and again that she is a proven leader with the ability to reform education and a strong desire to work across the aisle. She consistently prioritizes children and their futures over bureaucracy and she is an established advocate for the families and communities who need change in education the most.”

  • “DeVos understands that parents want and deserve a voice in their children’s education and fundamentally believes that every child deserves access to a quality education, regardless of their zip code.”
  • “It is rarely easy to get things done in Washington, but DeVos has shown time and again that she will fight for students even in the face of bureaucratic adversity. Her consistent advocacy for children and families over the course of her career makes her an outstanding candidate for the job.”

Nathan Diament, Director Of National Advocacy For Orthodox Union: “American K-12 education is long overdue for an overhaul. No one is more invested in a child’s education than his or her parents. The road to real reform lies with policies that give parents more resources for — and power over — their educational choices. And it is possible that no one is more likely to succeed at bringing about real reforms than Betsy DeVos and Donald Trump.”

Kira Davis, RedState: “DeVos isn’t just championing an improved school system in Detroit, she’s championing thousands of black and brown parents across her state. Brava!”

Deborah Simmons, The Washington Times: “She had me — and countless other school choice proponents — at ‘the status quo in education is not acceptable.’”

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