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WTAS: Partisan Filibuster Panned

As Senate Dems plan to launch the first-ever partisan filibuster of a SCOTUS nominee, commentators & ed boards are voicing strong opposition to their unprecedented decision of trying to block an accomplished nominee:

Editorial, Miami Herald: “Don’t Filibuster Supreme Court Nominee” 
    • In the spirit of picking your fights, Democrats should not block Gorsuch and save their energies and political influence for the next battle, which will probably occur with the naming of the next justice in the near future.”
Editorial, San Antonio Express-News: “Democrats, Don’t Filibuster Neil Gorsuch” 
    • Democrats are threatening to filibuster Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation as a U.S. Supreme Court justice. They shouldn’t.” 
Editorial, Tulsa World: “Democrats Shouldn’t Filibuster The Neil Gorsuch Nomination” 
    • “Both sides need to put aside schoolyard fusses and do what is best for the country. The Democrats ought to let the Gorsuch nomination go to a vote on his merits.”
Editorial, Dallas Morning News: “Democrats Should Not Filibuster Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch, No Matter How Tempting” 
    • Democrats are going to have to pick their fights with care, and a filibuster of this nominee, at this time, is a fight they should walk away from.”
Editorial, The Day (New London, CT): “Don’t Filibuster Gorsuch Supreme Court Vote”
    •  “Democratic Minority Leader Charles Schumer of New York should abandon his push to filibuster the nomination of Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch, both because it is not justified and because it would not succeed.”
Richard Pierce, The Hill: “Filibustering Gorsuch Is A Bad Idea”
    • “In short, the Democrats have nothing to win and a lot to lose by attempting to filibuster the Gorsuch nomination.”
Noah Feldman, Bloomberg: “Filibustering Gorsuch Is Still A Bad Idea”
    • “It would be wise to save it for a Supreme Court nominee who was truly terrible, rather than using it on a well-qualified nominee.”
Eric Seagall, The Daily Beast: “The Democrats Should Not Filibuster Gorsuch” 
    • “Senate Democrats shouldn’t take the bait. Leaving the filibuster on the table is the best strategy for people taking a long view of the future of the United States Supreme Court.”
Jeff Darcy, Cleveland Plain-Dealer: “Gorsuch Filibuster Hurts Democrats” 
    • “Democrats are demonstrating bad judgement in delaying a committee vote on U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, and threatening to filibuster his confirmation.”
Bill Cotter, Sarasota Herald-Tribune: “Democrats Should Vote To Confirm Gorsuch” 
    • “As a committed Democrat since college who has campaigned for Senator Warren and President Obama, I fear that a filibuster of Gorsuch would do lasting damage to the Supreme Court, to the Senate, and perhaps to the rule of law itself.”
Damon Linker, The Week: “The Futility Of Filibustering Neil Gorsuch” 
    • The answer should be obvious: Don’t filibuster.”
Rick Hasen, University Of California-Irvine: “Democrats Should Not Filibuster Him” 
    • So while I’ve vacillated, I now don’t think Democrats should trigger the filibuster now.”

Cartoon from The Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Jeff Darcy
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