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White House: War Against ISIS Is About “Narrative”

Following bombings this weekend in New York and New Jersey and a terrorist rampage in St. Cloud, Minnesota, the White House still doesn’t seem to grasp the seriousness of the fight against ISIS.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest appeared on CNN and MSNBC this morning to comment on the incidents from over the weekend and instead of committing that the Obama Administration will take ISIS head-on to ensure that these attacks don’t happen again, he characterized the fight against ISIS is all about the “narrative.” Watch the clips below which show just how out-of-touch the White House is:

White House Press Secretary Argues That U S Is In ‘War Of Narratives’ Against ISIS

White House Press Secretary Claims Fight Against ISIS Is About ‘Narrative’

Terrorism and ISIS-inspired attacks have become far too common in America, threatening the daily activities of Americans across the country. The White House should be reassuring Americans that they are doing everything possible to end ISIS, not talking about how this is all about “narrative.”

The one constant of the last eight years has been the Obama Administration’s misguided foreign policy. Focusing on “narratives,” instead of honing in on defeating ISIS is just another example of how this White House doesn’t offer any real solutions to keep America safe.

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