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White House Tries To Make Iran Deal A Laughing Matter…Cotton Fires Back

On Monday, Senator Tom Cotton put forward an amendment to prevent the United States from paying Iran for “heavy water” as part of the Nuclear Agreement, hoping to close the door on Iran from receiving taxpayer money that they will can use to finance terrorism against our country.

Instead of seriously addressing this very real threat, the White House saw fit to make jokes, with Press Secretary Josh Earnest saying, “Senator Cotton is certainly no expert when it comes to heavy water,” and adding that “I’m confident that he couldn’t differentiate heavy water from sparkling water.”

Fortunately for Americans concerned with keeping our country safe, Cotton gave a measured and serious response to the White House’s antics.

While the White House might think it’s funny to joke about a deal that will give Iran $150 billion, including $9 million for “heavy water,”Americans are lucky that Senator Cotton is taking all possible steps to try and slow down this disastrous deal, which is not in our country’s national security interest.

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