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When Democrats Send Their Surrogates, They’re Not Sending Their Best…Are They?

Later today, San Francisco wunderkind and national security exaggerator Jon Ossoff will share the stage with Missouri Senate loser Jason Kander in a rally one-day before the special election in Georgia’s sixth congressional district.

That’s right, the best surrogate Democrats have to offer Ossoff is a failed Senate candidate that may be trying to turn a statewide loss into a possible bid for the presidency, according to Politico.

 He’s kept doing presidential-ish travel and generating presidential-ish buzz, though the highest office he’s ever held is secretary of state—of Missouri.

Politico even highlighted that Kander had the gall to travel to New Hampshire three-and-a-half years before their 2020 primary, despite losing a race in his home-state just seven months ago. Why he thinks that getting rejected by Missourians means that others across the country want to hear his message is anyone’s guess. 

Ossoff and Kander have some unfortunate similarities, the most notable being that they are drastically out-of-touch with the constituents they want to represent. Kander embraced Hillary Clinton in 2016, despite her 19-point loss in Missouri, while Ossoff is running for Tom Price’s old congressional seat while campaigning on the ideas of Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi.

But Kander’s appearance in Georgia today is great evidence for the problem Democrats are facing in a nutshell. Because their party’s bench is so depleted, their candidates are now forced to campaign with political no-names that carry no weight and are more famous for their losses than anything else.

For the sake of his own presidential ambitions, Kander better hope he doesn’t transfer the losing gene to Ossoff before Tuesday.

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