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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING – Why Rick Perry Is The Right Leader For The Energy Department

Since his nomination to lead the Energy Department by President-elect Trump, former Texas Governor Rick Perry has been praised far and wide for his commitment to bringing strong leadership to a government agency that sorely needs it. Here’s why some very influential leaders are so enthusiastic about seeing Gov. Perry head the DoE:

The Wall Street Journal: “A steadfast conservative…”

Dallas Morning News: “Perry is a serious leader, capable of adding heft to the new president’s Cabinet.”

Salo Zelermyer, Former DoE Senior Counsel: “Perry has proven ‘it is indeed possible to successfully balance appropriate environmental regulations with domestic energy production and use.’”

  • “‘During his time in office, Perry embodied the type of ‘all of the above’ approach to U.S. energy production that many have advocated on both sides of the aisle.’”

Speaker Paul Ryan: “.@GovernorPerry’s record of job creation and work to help unleash America’s energy potential makes him a great fit to lead @ENERGY.” 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: “.@GovernorPerry is an outstanding pick to lead the Dept of @ENERGY, and I have no doubt he will work hard to bring jobs back to the US.”

Governor Bobby Jindal: “.@GovernorPerry will be an excellent Energy Secretary. Energy sector workers in Louisiana and the rest of America will have a strong ally.”

Senator Jim Inhofe: “Rick Perry is an excellent choice to lead the Department of Energy…‘Perry understands the abundance of our domestic energy resources and what it takes to power our complex and growing economy. I am confident that under his leadership, the DOE will be right sized and focused intently on its twin goals of national security and energy independence.”

Senator Ted Cruz: “I think it is a terrific nomination. Rick Perry was a strong governor for 14 years in the state of Texas, and I think he is going to make an excellent energy secretary.”

Senator John Cornyn: “I’m thrilled with the President-elect’s decision to bring a proven Texas leader like Governor Perry into his Administration.”

Senator John McCain: “I deeply admire and respect Governor Perry’s dedicated service to the state of Texas, and I know he has the right experience and skills to serve our nation as the next Secretary of the Department of Energy.”

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