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Throughout his renowned legal career, Judge Neil Gorsuch has earned acclaim from the media, legal minds, and his fellow Coloradans as a “brilliant” justice and “natural fit” for the Supreme Court.

In addition to the commentary that shows him to be a highly qualified selection, a reminder that when Judge Gorsuch came before the Senate in 2006, he was unanimously confirmed by both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the full chamber.

Senate Democrats that approved Judge Gorsuch in 2006 included:

Sen. Chuck Schumer – Sen. Dianne Feinstein – Sen. Patrick Leahy – Sen. Dick Durbin – Sen. Patty Murray – Sen. Barack Obama – Sen. Hillary Clinton – Sen. Joe Biden – Sen. Ted Kennedy – Sen. Harry Reid – Eric Citron, Former Clerk For Justices O’Connor & Kagan: “Both his pre-judicial resumé and his body of work as a judge make him a natural fit for an appointment to the Supreme Court…”

  • Citron: “His background is filled with sterling legal and academic credentials.”
  • Citron: “He is celebrated as a keen legal thinker and a particularly incisive legal writer, with a flair that matches— or at least evokes — that of the justice whose seat he would be nominated to fill.”

David Lat, Above The Law: He’s brilliant, conservative and impossible to oppose. That’s a deadly combination for Democrats.”

  • Lat: “One of the brightest stars in the federal judicial firmament.”

Editorial, Denver Post: “Trump Would Do Well To Consider Neil Gorsuch For Supreme Court”

  • Editorial: “Neil Gorsuch is a federal judge in Denver with Western roots and a reputation for being a brilliant legal mind and talented writer.”
  • Editorial: “We could do far worse than a thoughtful graduate from Columbia, Harvard and Oxford universities, who clerked for two Supreme Court justices and calls Denver home.”

Former Sen. Ken Salazar (D-CO) – Obama Cabinet Member & Hillary Clinton Transition Chair – in 2006: “At the young age of 38, Mr. Gorsuch has already had a very impressive legal career.”

  • Sen. Salazer: “I found him to be very intelligent, thoughtful, and appreciative of the great honor it is to be nominated to the Federal bench.”
  • Sen. Salazar: “Of course, it takes more than a great resume to be a great judge. In addition to professional excellence as a lawyer, a judicial nominee should have a demonstrated dedication to fairness, impartiality, precedent, and the avoidance of judicial activism–from both the left and the right. I believe that Mr. Gorsuch meets this very high test–and I believe he will make a fine addition to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.” 

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO): “U.S. Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO): “People felt so confident in him and his qualifications that they didn’t even require a recorded vote [for his 2006 confirmation].”

Federal District Judge John L. Kane, Appointed By President Carter: “He writes opinions in a unique style that has more verve and vitality than any other judges I study on a regular basis.”   

  • Judge Kane: “I think Judge Gorsuch listens well and decides justly. His dissents are instructive rather than vitriolic. In sum, I think he is an excellent judicial craftsman.”

Adam Liptak, New York Times: “Judge Gorsuch’s credentials, erudition and more muted stances could smooth his confirmation chances.”

Jonathan Karl, Katherine Faudlers, ABC News: “In legal circles, he’s considered a gifted writer.”

Michele Gorman, Newsweek: “Gorsuch is known for mentoring clerks who have become Supreme Court clerks. His articulate writing has been compared to decisions penned by Scalia, who is remembered for his vivid prose.”

Mark Hansen, Former Partner Of Gorsuch’s At Kellogg Huber Hansen: “I think the conservatives will love him and the liberals will find very little to fault… He’s an affable, collegial, unpretentious man with a good sense of humor.”

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