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The praise coming from both sides of the aisle for Judge Gorsuch has been effusive since he was nominated last night and on top of that, analysts have continued to note the nearly impossible odds Democrats face of stopping his nomination:

Chuck Todd, NBC News: “I have to say I thought he made an incredible first impression and I think he’s going to make a very good one-on-one first impression with a lot of these Democratic Senators. I think it is going to be much harder for them to unify and be against enforce the filibuster after he spends one-on-one time with them.”

Editorial, Wall Street Journal: “Judge Gorsuch is a leading light on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals…He is well known in legal circles for his sharp prose, as well as for his arguments for religious liberty and his skepticism toward judicial doctrines that give too much power to the administrative state.”

  • WSJ: “As qualified as he is, Judge Gorsuch ought to be confirmed at least as easily as President Obama’s appointees Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor.”
Mark Joseph Stern, Slate: “Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, is a brilliant, witty, handsome, eloquent, perfectly pedigreed judge. He is, to put it another way, an extraordinarily difficult jurist for Democrats to oppose.”
  • Stern: “He conveys his ideas fluently and courteously and is well-liked by his colleagues on the left and right.”
Danielle C. Gray, Former Senior Advisor To President Obama & Clerk To Judge Merrick Garland: “Judge Gorsuch certainly has the traditional markers of a Supreme Court nominee… In many ways, he resembles Chief Justice Roberts, he resembles Chief Judge Garland.”

Editorial, Houston Chronicle: “His pedigree is undeniably impressive.

  •  Houston Chronicle: “Anyone worried about an imbalanced federal government should want a fully functioning Supreme Court to play its important role. No, eight is not enough.
Carl Bernstein, CNN: “He is unstoppable, you cannot stop this nomination from going through.” 
Leonardo Leo, The Federalist Society: “Extraordinary nominee… very hard to lay a glove on.”

Savannah Schaefer, University Of Colorado Law Student: “A phenomenal guy and just brilliant. I think he’d be a gift, in some ways, if we got him nominated.”

Editorial, USA Today: “Democrats would also be wrong to adopt scorced-earth tactics against Gorsuch”

  • USA Today: “Gorsuch deserves a fair hearing…”
Jordan Henry, University Of Colorado Law Student: “I found him to be a person of character and quality, intellectually curious and willing to debate all sides.”
  • Henry: “I think he’s dedicated to the truth, to justice, to the justice system… I may not always agree with him but I do think he gives all voices a fair hearing, and that’s all you can ask of a judge.” 
Robert P. George, Princeton University Law School: “Judge Gorsuch..would be a superb Supreme Court justice. He is intellectually extremely gifted and is deeply committed to the (actual) Constitution and the rule of law.”

Chris Deaton, The Weekly Standard: “Democrats Have A Tough Case To Make Against Gorsuch

Newt Gingrich, Former House Speaker: “When Rachel Maddow says Judge Gorsuch is as mainstream as a GOP president will pick how does Schumer keep saying no?

Russell Moore, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission: “His qualifications are beyond question.”

  • Moore: “An exceptional choice for Supreme Court justice. He is a brilliant and articulate defender of Constitutional originalism in the mold of the man he will replace: Justice Antonin Scalia.”
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