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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING – Ds & Rs Rally To Support DeVos Ahead Of Hearing (Vol. X)

With Betsy DeVos’ hearing set to get under way, new voices from both sides of the aisle continue to speak out strongly in support of her confirmation:

Former Washington, D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams, Democrat: “Betsy makes the education establishment nervous because she shakes up the status quo… She’ll always fight for what’s best for the kids.”  

  • “Betsy DeVos is a compassionate leader. She has a big heart, and she’s a proven reformer who will challenge an education establishment that has forgotten too many children.”

Former Education Secretaries Bill Bennett, Rod Paige, Margaret Spellings: “Over the course of a years-long commitment to educational choice and opportunity, Betsy has demonstrated a singular focus on enhancing both the number and quality of educational options available to our most vulnerable children. She understands both the promise that resides within every child and the hope for their future that resides within the hearts of every parent and guardian.”

  • “She has consistently worked and supported both Republicans and Democrats who share her commitment to educational choice and quality. We have every confidence that she would bring that kind of pragmatism and bipartisanship to the Department of Education.” 
  • “Even more importantly, she believes that a family’s zip code should not determine whether that promise and those hopes are realized.”

Former Education Secretary Bill Bennett: “Betsy DeVos represents a change. She is experienced in the field. She has worked with children all over the country in Michigan and Indiana and Arizona. She understands what problems in education are and she will go right at what I call 30 years ago, the blob, which is that mess of interests that clogged up the American education system and keep us 25th to 30th in the world. She knows just what to do.”

Howard Fuller, Former Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent: “Betsy DeVos understands the importance of parent choice, particularly for low-income and working-class families. She’ll fight hard to give children access to great schools regardless of their zip codes.”

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: “Betsy DeVos will return the power from the federal regulators to the states, & most importantly, to the parents of WI students!” 

  • “It is a moral imperative that every child has access to a great education. We look forward to partnering with Betsy DeVos as Sec. of the Department of Education!”

Michigan Lt. Governor Brian Calley: “As Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos will put our kids’ needs first while creating an education system that helps all children succeed…Betsy understands the need to add innovative education solutions into our classrooms.”  

Eva Moskowitz, CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, Democrat: “I believe Betsy DeVos has the talent, commitment, and leadership capacity to revitalize our public schools and deliver the promise of opportunity that excellent education provides, and I support her nomination as U.S. Secretary of Education.”

  • “She is a leader and we need transformational change.” (CNN)

Jason Bedrick, Cato Institute & Max Eden, Manhattan Institute: “We are not saying that Betsy DeVos made Detroit schools great again. We are saying that a plain look at the data suggests that the charter sector she supported is significantly outperforming the traditional district system. As the Senate, and the American people, considers her nomination for Secretary of Education, this fact should matter.”

Ben DeGrow, Mackinac Center For Public Policy: “When measured by the 2015 elementary and middle school report card as well as the 2016 high school report card, the 76 Detroit charter schools earned an average CAP score of 99.16, just below the expected performance level.”

  • “The Motor City presents an exceptionally difficult educational challenge. Significant improvement is needed in order to help lift many more kids from poverty to success. Charter schools have proved themselves to be much more part of the solution than part of the problem.”

Jim Barrett, Chairman of Great Lakes Education Project: “For nearly 30 years, Betsy DeVos has been leading the charge for expanded choice, improved quality and enhanced accountability in education.”

  • “On accountability, DeVos and GLEP have been pushing for a simple A-F letter grading system for school performance, so that parents receive meaningful information to make informed decisions. We support local control, but w e also believe failing schools should get better or be closed. Period.”
  • “As secretary of the Education Department, the rest of the country will soon see the discipline and passion of Betsy DeVos. And the country will be better off because of her service.”

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent: “In fact, Dick and Betsy DeVos have contributed more of their personal money to the education of the underprivileged than many of their loudest critics.”

Rachel Campos-Duffy, Fox News & Jason Crye, Executive Director of Hispanics For School Choice: “To people who work in the barrio, who sit in school lunchrooms that buzz with a mixture of English and Spanish; who hear the hopes of immigrant parents with work-hardened hands and soft warm hearts, the prospect of serious change is thrilling.  DeVos and Trump just might have the guts to bring it.”

  • “It shouldn’t be politically controversial in America to give the widest range of choices in education to all families, not just rich ones, and to give decision-making power to parents who know and love their kids rather than to heavy-bottomed bureaucrats.”
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