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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING – DeVos At Education Dept. Will Put Students First (Vol. IV)

The New Year has not stopped positive commentary from rolling in about Betsy DeVos as parents, education experts, and opinion-makers continue to highlight the many reasons why she will be a great Secretary of Education that helps improve classrooms and put students first:

Maria Salazar, Arizona Parent: “I came here with nothing but optimism in my heart that we would find opportunity in the United States. While I was working to find opportunity on my end, Betsy DeVos was working to provide those opportunities on her end. I had no idea who she was, and she didn’t know who I was, but we were unknowingly working together.” 

  • “Two years ago, I met Betsy DeVos at an education summit. After we ate lunch together, my daughter gave a speech to a large crowd telling our story. From one mother to another, Betsy and I were face to face thanking each other for the work each of us put into Nydia. I don’t claim to know Betsy DeVos personally but her work to provide opportunities is very personal to me, and I know my daughter’s success is very personal to her.”

Kaleigh Lemaster, ED of School Choice Ohio: “By picking Betsy DeVos to be the next secretary of education, President-elect Donald Trump has signaled that school choice will be a core component of his strategy to drive gains in student achievement.”

  • “DeVos is not only qualified to serve as education secretary, she is exactly the right person to lead an important debate over who should be in control of K-12 policy in America.” 

Julio Fuentes, President & CEO Of The Hispanic Council For Reform & Educational Opportunities: “In selecting Betsy DeVos to be the next secretary of education, President-elect Donald Trump has sent an important signal to Hispanics that he is committed to lifting the prospects of their children.” 

  • DeVos is one of the strongest advocates in the nation for providing low-income Latino families with the same rights to attend better performing schools. Mrs. DeVos correctly believes that every child should have access to great teachers and schools, regardless of their race, ethnicity or zip codes. For the past 28 years, she has been on the front lines fighting for greater opportunities for at-risk children.”
  • “Betsy DeVos will lead an important national debate on the importance of putting the interests of children ahead of the unions and entrenched special interests that have defended a failed status quo that has relegated at-risk minority children to second-rate status. It’s a conversation that is long overdue.” 

Howard Fuller, Editor of EdNext: “Well first all, I’m a friend of Betsy’s. And I know Betsy to be a strong advocate for the kids that I care about. And what I would say to people is, like when I became the superintendent, you know people were like, ‘Oh, he cares about vouchers and he’s just going to go in here and try to destroy the system.’ The reality of it is that when you go into those kinds of positions, you have to deal with issues that are on your plate.”

  • “Betsy is a very smart person. Betsy does care about trying to change the system. But in my mind, that doesn’t mean that she’s going to get in there and say, ‘Oh, I don’t care what happens to children who are attending schools in traditional systems.’ I don’t think Betsy is going to be that kind of person. Will she be an advocate for parent choice? I hope so. But I also hope she will be an advocate for making sure that kids do well in the traditional system.” 

John Stossel, Columnist: “Services improve when people are free to shop around and when competitive pressure inspires suppliers to invent better ways of doing things. DeVos understands that. That’s why she wants to allow parents to choose the schools their kids attend. Schools that do a better job will attract more students. Better schools will grow, while some inferior ones will close. Inferior schools, like any failing business, should close. It’s a disservice to students to keep them open.” 

Deborah Simmons, Columnist: “Mrs. DeVos is President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to run the Department of Education. She should be confirmed. Not because she rubs noses with education unions or sucks face with bureaucratic hellions. She is the right choice because there is an evolution underfoot in public schooling, and the Education Department needs to be brought up to speed.”

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