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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING – DeVos A Champion For All American Students (Vol. VII)

The positive commentary surrounding Betsy DeVos’ nomination to be Secretary of Education continues to plow ahead with experts and commentators expressing their optimism about her plans to change status quo and make sure the Department of Education works to help students:

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice: “Betsy had the resources to send her children to the schools of her choice…and what strikes me about her is that when she met parents who did not — parents struggling to give their children a better life — she recognized the inherent unfairness, and she dedicated her life to doing something about it.”

  • “It is meaningful when a civil rights icon like Dr. Howard Fuller … calls her a friend…And when he says, ‘I know Betsy to be a strong advocate of the kids I care about.’”

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner: ““I have great respect for her…I think she’s a very talented and very passionate education advocate. And I personally am a believer in school choice. And I look forward to working together.”

Former Michigan Governor John Engler: “Thankfully, as a businesswoman and entrepreneur, Ms. DeVos has been singularly focused on accountability and results — exactly what our education system needs.” 

  • “Her experience with empowering Detroit parents with more and better choices is particularly instructive as large city school districts throughout the nation struggle. She knows that parents are not a ‘cause’ to be helped, but instead have the wisdom to make the best choice for their children’s education.”
  • “To those who have seen the work that Ms. DeVos has led, and the educational successes she has helped achieve, it is clear that there is no one better to lead the Department of Education at this critical time.” 

Former Tennessee Senator Bill Frist: “I have known Mrs. DeVos for many years, and I know firsthand that her passion for education comes from a deep desire to do what’s best for our nation’s children.”

  • “She has more than 28 years of experience advocating for policies that are good for students, policies like more choices for parents, ensuring high-quality teachers in the classroom, and protecting the right for every child to receive an excellent publicly-funded education.” 
  • “Most importantly, she puts children at the forefront of her advocacy efforts… Betsy DeVos will bring a renewed sense of urgency and focus to improving schools in neighborhoods across America.”

Eva Moskowitz, Founder, Success Academy Charter Schools, Democrat: “There is so much work to be done and I think Betsy is thoughtful and talented, and she will be able to mobilize the country to finally tackle this very real and very serious problem…”

Nina Rees, President, National Alliance For Public Charter Schools: “Given the small size and reach of the U.S. Department of Education…her greatest asset will be her bully pulpit so my hope is that she will use her voice to unite the movement in favor of an agenda that is focused on opening the door to more students to access an education that fits them the best.”

Darrell Ellison, President, Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina: “Thanks to the work of reformers like DeVos, our choice-rich educational landscape is also affecting traditional public schools for the better.”

  • “The nomination of one of the nation’s most successful and tireless advocates for children to serve as U.S. Secretary of Education is a wise one. Betsy DeVos has made it her life’s mission, leveraging time and treasure, to stand up for children and families across our state and country. I am confident that she will be a strong and transformative leader in education for our nation.”

Matthew Gagnon, CEO, Maine Heritage Policy Center: “For the past 28 years, DeVos has fought for students like Denisha Merriweather, a young African-American woman who failed third grade twice before receiving a private school scholarship that turned her life around. Thanks to the corporate tax credit that funded Denisha’s scholarship, she became the first member of her family to graduate from college and is pursuing an advanced degree.”

  • “DeVos’ advocacy has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of students like Denisha who were left behind by teachers unions and a system that — and this is the critical failure of the system — rewards the adults instead of doing what’s right for the kids.”
  • “DeVos is a strong and compassionate advocate for students who has successfully battled the entrenched special interests to give hope to children who are trapped in dangerous and underperforming schools. She refuses to accept the failure and excuses that are rampant in our existing K-12 system.” 

Rusty Davis, Western Journalism: “She believes all kids — not just a few — should have the chance to get a great education. When she says, ‘I believe every child, no matter their ZIP Code or their parents’ jobs, deserves access to a quality education,’ DeVos is laying down a fundamental principle that shakes education to the core — kids born into a slum or way out in farm country do not deserve a second-rate education.”

  • “For years, parents who want to give their children an excellent education have hit the stone wall of federal bureaucracy that insists liberals and fat-cat unions know better than parents what children need. The record shows they do not. The record shows it is time for a change. Betsy DeVos will bring that change to America’s schools, and establish a new freedom to give every American child the chance to reach his or her potential.”

Katherine Reed, The Vermilion: “DeVos’ agenda will create a much-needed conversation on how American school systems are lacking when compared to other countries. Education in America needs a makeover, and her conservative planning may be a silver lining.”

Yoram Neumann, PhD, CEO and Professor at Touro University Worldwide: “DeVos has proven to have the courage and passion to improve education. She can reinvigorate the higher education sector as well as the U.S. economy.”

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