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Jeff Sessions testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and showed without any doubt that he is qualified and well-equipped to lead the Justice Department as U.S. Attorney General:

New York Times Headline: “Hearing Highlights: Democrats Do Little to Undermine Jeff Sessions”

  • “No Vitriol: Senate Democrats do not have the votes, by themselves, to prevent Mr. Sessions from becoming attorney general, and they have spared their colleague any vitriol, doing little to undermine his confirmation.”
  • “In short, there is no indication so far that his confirmation is in jeopardy.”

Byron York, Washington Examiner Headline: “Sessions Showdown Fizzles”

  • “The epic showdown just didn’t happen. The Democratic questioners were sluggish and without focus; with one exception, their questions lacked the sting of an opposition party that really wants to bring down a nominee.”
  • “Yes, on the one hand, Democrats weren’t sharp. But on the other hand, Sessions smoothly handled questions that might have tripped up a less prepared nominee.”
  • “It’s not necessary to go down each line of questioning in detail, but the bottom line is that few, if any, laid a glove on Sessions.”
  • “At that point, in the early afternoon, the energy seemed to have leaked out of the room, and out of the Democrats’ effort to stop Sessions.”
  • “Without the votes to win, Democrats and the activist groups that support them just didn’t bring the energy to the Sessions showdown. The first Senate confirmation battle of the Trump administration goes to Trump.”

Steve Berman, The Resurgent: “Sessions is eminently qualified to be Attorney General, as a lawyer, and as a statesman. Given how he’s handling today, he should be confirmed without merely a whimper.” 

  • “In the meantime, Sessions is comporting himself like an adult, who will serve the future President Trump in the White House very well when grown-ups are required to do grown-up things.”

William Smith, Former Chief Counsel Of Senate Judiciary Committee: “I think it’s going absolutely fabulous for Senator Sessions. I think there is only one way to describe it and that is that he is crushing it. His colleagues know him well, they find him to be intelligent, they like him. Because he is so well-liked, because he is so intelligent, because they know he is going to make an outstanding attorney general, because they know him, because they have seen him, because they have worked with him 20 years ago they know that the rumors that came up 30 years ago are not true. So I think he is doing quite a well job here in the hearing today.”

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