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What Dr. Tom Price’s Patients Are Saying About His Nomination To HHS

As Dr. Tom Price is on his way to being confirmed to be the next head of Health and Human Services, some of his former patients have reached out in support:
What Dr. Tom Price’s Patients Are Saying About His Nomination To HHS
Marty Wilson: “Dr. Price showed great concern for my injury and my full recovery. He took a great tell of his time to exam me and come up with the best course of action. He followed up regularly post reconstructive surgery to be sure I was doing well. I could not have asked for a more compassionate and truly concerned doctor. I wish all people in the medical industry acted as Dr. Price acts.”
Pam Blackwell: “I have known Tom Price for over 30 years both as a colleague and a patient. As a nurse, I was very selective when choosing a physician to do my knee surgery and I received excellent care from Dr. Price, who was always very good to the nursing staff. He was an excellent orthopedic surgeon, and has been an asset to the field of medicine. I’ve always found him to be ethical, honest, and straightfoward. There was never any hidden agenda. You always knew what he was thinking and he was always available. The patient was number 1.”
Marty Ewell: “Dr. Price was my 1st Surgeon and my Orthopedic doctor – I would have stayed with him forever if we hadn’t moved from the Roswell, GA area and he hadn’t gone to Washington. … He is also one of the most honest people you will ever meet. We were sorry to see him leave his practice and go to Washington, but we were also happy because we knew back then that Washington needed someone who had the inside view of medicine, healthcare and insurance and how these things work. Tom Price is by far the right person for HHS; in our opinion, it would be a disservice not to confirm him and it would be the country’s loss.”
Dave Rittenhouse: “I was a patient of Dr. Tom Price in 1994 when I saw him after tearing my ACL while playing basketball. Tom had great bed-side manner and was obviously extremely capable and competent. Following reconstruction surgery, I made a complete recovery and have continued to run and play tennis. This is my 50th year of running and I have no problems while running on my reconstructed knee! I have also known Tom since his first Race for the Georgia Senate. There is no better candidate to head the Department of Health & Human Services than Tom!”
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