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Weingarten’s Recycled Attacks Against DeVos Were Used Against Obama Nominees Too

Far-left groups like AFT and NEA continue to criticize President-elect Trump’s decision to nominate Betsy DeVos to shake up the education status quo and put students first.

While their attacks could easily be dismissed as petty partisanship, it turns out that they said the very same things about Arne Duncan and John King, who were President Obama’s nominees to lead the Education Department.

In fact, NEA even demanded that Duncan resign and the AFT put him on an “improvement plan,” and equated him with an incompetent teacher.    

While John King was New York Education Commissioner, the teacher’s union there issued a declaration of “no confidence,” in his leadership and when he was appointed as Education Secretary, Weingarten released a statement saying that AFT was, “disappointed.”

These recycled charges used by big labor groups only prove how this special interest is fundamentally opposed to anyone that has new ideas or reforms to education. Rather than get behind new and innovative ideas that will help students and parents find new avenues of opportunities, people like Randi Weingarten and her allies at AFT and NEA are committed to building on the status quo that continues to fail.

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