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Weekend Headlines Highlight ObamaCare’s Continued Failures

The headlines weren’t kind to the President’s signature achievement over the weekend. Plagued by a myriad of problems of its own doing, ObamaCare has left Americans worse off than they were before the law was enacted.

Ahead of its fourth enrollment season, the law continues to come far short of its goals. Enrollment is nowhere near what the administration initially projected and the law has failed to spur competition that would increase consumer choice while lowering costs for people purchasing coverage in the health care marketplaces. Instead, premiums are increasing by double-digits and health plan deductibles have become unaffordable, leading some enrollees to skip seeking medical care altogether.

The New York Times: “Ailing Obama Health Care Act May Have To Change To Survive”

Houston Chronicle: “A Shift In Coverage Has Even The Insured Skipping Medical Care”

The Record: “Health Republic Insurance Of New Jersey’s Demise Exposes Flaws Of ObamaCare”

Bloomberg: “Near ‘Collapse,’ Minnesota To Raise ObamaCare Rates By Half”

Wisconsin State Journal: “State To Have 2 Fewer Insurance Options: WPS Subsidiary Arise Leaving Health Insurance Exchange”

Daily Inter Lake (MT): “Marketplace Challenges Led To New West Closure”

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