Week Seven #ConfirmKavanaugh- More Meetings and Dems’ Throw Hail Mary

Week Seven #ConfirmKavanaugh- More Meetings and Dems’ Throw Hail Mary

August 24, 2018

Week seven of #ConfirmKavanaugh was marked by productive meetings on Capitol Hill with both Republicans and Democrats. However, in the final weeks before hearings start the left is resorting to laughable delay tactics.

Politico highlighted Republican Senator Susan Collins’ meeting with Judge Kavanaugh. Collins, whose vote is critical to confirmation, had these remarks following her sit-down:

“’He is clearly well-credentialed, has appropriate experience, is thoughtful in his approach to the issues, emphasized his belief in an independent judiciary, underscored his commitment to stare decisis,’ Collins said in a 25-minute interview in her office late Tuesday.”

The Washington Post echoed the same sentiments from the meeting. Collins and Kavanaugh discussed Roe v. Wade:

“After meeting with Kavanaugh on Tuesday for two hours, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) told reporters that she got the sense that the two are aligned on whether abortion should remain legal, even if they don’t personally agree on abortion rights.”

“’He said that he agreed with what Justice Roberts said at his nomination hearing, in which he said it was settled law,’ Collins told reporters. ‘We had a very good, thorough discussion.’”

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer doesn’t think “settled law” is actually settled, except for the fact he used to think the opposite of what he is arguing now:

Inside Sources: What’s So Unsettling To Sen. Schumer About “Settled Law?”

Vulnerable red-state Democrat Claire McCaskill also sat down with Judge Kavanaugh. Missouri Rising Action released a new ad urging McCaskill to confirm Kavanaugh.


A new poll released by the Judicial Crisis Network found that “people in Indiana, West Virginia and North Dakota want their senators to confirm the high court nominee.”

Democrats who were determined to dig up dirt on Judge Kavanaugh were dealt another blow this week. The New York Times reported that Kavanaugh’s name was never in any report regarding “potential involvement” in misconduct dating back to Kavanuagh’s time as a lawyer who was investigating former President Clinton’s scandals.

The Dem hysteria around Kavanaugh’s connection to the Federalist Society were also put to rest. As the NTK Network pointed out:

“All eight justices sitting on the Supreme Court have spoken at Federalist Society events before.”

Finally, as The Washington Post editorial board points out, Dems are desperate to stall the nomination “claiming that Brett Kavanaugh shouldn’t be confirmed for the Supreme Court because Michael Cohen copped a guilty plea.”

“We know the Democratic leader is under enormous pressure to show he’s fighting really, really, really hard to defeat Mr. Kavanaugh, but Mr. Schumer ought to show more respect for his own reputation. The daily histrionics are getting embarrassing.”

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