Week Four #ConfirmKavanaugh – Dem Stall Tactics + Bipartisan Praise for Judge Kavanaugh

Week Four #ConfirmKavanaugh – Dem Stall Tactics + Bipartisan Praise for Judge Kavanaugh

August 3, 2018

Week Four is wrapping up in the confirmation process for Judge Kavanaugh. This week was marked by broad bipartisan support for the Judge, more extreme rhetoric from the Left, and a mountain of documents.

Senator Joe Manchin was the first Democratic Senator to meet with the Judge in an effort to tout his “bipartisanship,” but we know where his loyalty really lies:

NTK Network: Manchin Goes Straight From Kavanaugh Meeting to Schumer’s Office

The San Francisco Chronicle exposed the demands from Democrats for even more documents for what it is – a stall tactic:

“Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to fill a crucial U.S. Supreme Court seat is headed toward a Senate confirmation vote — but how fast it gets there will be determined by whether outnumbered Democrats succeed in a tactic that could postpone a decision until after the midterm elections.”

The GOP response to the stall tactic this week:

Washington Times: GOP senators dismiss Dem demands for Kavanaugh records: ‘It’s about delay’

The Hill: Senate GOP Hits Back In Kavanaugh Documents Fight

The Weekly Standard: Republicans Blast Democrats Over Kavanaugh Records Demands

Senator Richard Blumenthal carried the torch this week for the Left on the extreme rhetoric front claiming that Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the bench would make President Trump a “monarch.”

Judge Kavanaugh received praise this week from a registered Democrat and former Kavanaugh clerk, legal analysts, a “liberal feminist lawyer,” and a former White House Counsel:

Lisa Blatt in Politico: “I’m A Liberal Feminist Lawyer. Here’s Why Democrats Should Support Judge Kavanaugh.”

C. Boyden Gray in The Hill: “Senate Democrats have no excuse for refusing to meet with President Trump ’s Supreme Court nominee, so they have manufactured one. Democrats say they need even more documents than the White House has offered from Kavanaugh’s days in the executive branch. That is absurd.”

The confirmation process is proceeding on schedule and Chairman Grassley is confident that hearings will begin in September.

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