Week Eight #ConfirmKavanaugh – “Fresh Signs That Dems Won’t Be Able to Stop Kavanaugh”

Week Eight #ConfirmKavanaugh – “Fresh Signs That Dems Won’t Be Able to Stop Kavanaugh”

August 31, 2018

Closing out week eight of #ConfirmKavanaugh, with four days to go until the hearings begin:

On Tuesday, a new poll from WPA Intelligence and Definers Public Affairs found that “support for Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination is highest in four states that President Trump won by double-digits in 2016…North Dakota, Montana, West Virginia and Missouri.” Read the full memo here.

Axios outlined the “Fresh Signs That Democrats Won’t Be Able To Stop Kavanaugh,” in a proverbial white flag from “Dems involved in the effort”:

“The bottom line: Even Democrats involved in the effort to oppose Kavanaugh’s nomination privately admitted to Axios that there will have to be a major new development for them to have any chance of killing his confirmation. They say they need an explosive document, or a trainwreck during the confirmation hearings.”

In a piece by The Los Angeles Times, a policy director from Indivisible took Chuck Schumer to task for his laser focus on documents:

“Chuck Schumer is bringing a FOIA request to a knife fight,” Beavers said. “Most ordinary constituents are not enraged and spurred to action by process.”

Support continued to pour in for Judge Kavanaugh from Bob Bennett, a lawyer to former President Bill Clinton, and “more than half the country’s Attorney Generals.”

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