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WATCH: Another Democrat Expresses Openness To Passing Tax Reform

With polls showing “broad support” for tax reform, it’s becoming tougher for Democrats to try and oppose the GOP’s common-sense plan.

Already, top Democrats like Tim Ryan & Claire McCaskill have offered their support for pro-growth tax reform and last night, Democrat Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar told Neil Cavuto that he was open to supporting the plan as well:

NEIL CAVUTO: But I’m wondering whether you think this could be paving the way for more cooperation on issues, for example, like the tax cuts. The President of course meeting with Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, which seems to indicate that maybe he could be marshaling Democratic support. Are you open to the tax package, at least what we know of it?
REPRESENTATIVE HENRY CUELLAR (D-TX): Absolutely. In fact, I’m one of the co-chairs of the Blue Dogs. At the very beginning of the year, we brought in the White House legislative director and we told him ‘hey look, you know, we can find common ground, we want to work with the President.’ At that time, he basically said except for health care, we can work with you on tax reform, we can work with you on transportation, other issues, and I, quite honestly, I think it should be all issues that we ought to be working on together, especially on tax reform.
NEIL CAVUTO: So you would be likely a yes vote on this tax package they’re cooking up?
REPRESENTATIVE HENRY CUELLAR (D-TX): Well you know, certainly I want to look at the final package as an attorney, but I am definitely open to it. I’ve been in communications with my friend from the state legislature, Kevin Brady. Kevin Brady is a very fair individual so I certainly, I am open to tax reform. 
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