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Warren To Force Her Disastrous Agenda On Potential Administration

Senator Elizabeth Warren has been building up her political capital, spending the last year traveling the country and spreading her ultra-liberal messages.

Warren has already bragged about her influence over Clinton and implied that because of her efforts, Clinton has run on “the most progressive agenda in decades”:

“The way I see this, Hillary Clinton has run on the most progressive agenda in decades, so I think it’s the job of progressives like me to help her get elected on that agenda and then help her enact that agenda,” Warren said in a brief phone interview Friday in Missouri.

This newfound prominence has the potential to give Warren an influential voice in a Clinton Administration on both policy and personnel decisions. The Associated Press reported this morning that Warren has already begun laying down the parameters for the progressive administration she would like to see:

Already Warren has been laying down markers for Clinton, in public and private, to consider activist progressives over Wall Street allies for appointments to key financial positions like Treasury secretary. The months to come will tell whether Warren serves as ally, antagonist, or both, to a new Democratic president and leadership in Congress.

The far left of the Democratic Party, led by Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders has become increasingly potent for Democrats, and this has been confirmed in the published emails of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

The Warren/Sanders wing of the party has sought to use its growing influence to steer the choice of potential cabinet nominees and the Democratic Party platform. This extreme element has already shifted the Party significantly to the left:

It all underscores Warren’s role as what allies call the “north star” of the Democratic Party. Thanks to Sanders’ candidacy and her influence, many Democrats say the party’s center of gravity has moved to the left, away from centrist policies on health care and entitlements in favor of embracing expanded Social Security, a higher minimum wage, debt-free college and a new government insurance option in Obama’s health law.

Clinton has made great pains to keep Warren involved with policy during the campaign. If Warren’s political capital carries weight in a Clinton administration, expect her out of touch policies and over-the-top personnel demands to wage war against the American free enterprise system.

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