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Warren & Allies Plan Left-Wing Takeover Of Potential Clinton Administration

As the 2016 election heads to the backstretch this fall, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is already taking steps to fulfill her maxim that “personnel is policy,” working with a large ecosystem of left-wing groups to dictate appointments in a new administration, should Clinton win in November.

In a speech at the liberal Center for American Progress yesterday, Warren made clear that she and her allies will be aggressive in dictating who can and cannot serve in key posts in a potential Clinton administration:

WARREN: When we talk about personnel, we don’t mean advisors who just pay lip service to Hillary’s bold agenda, coupled with a sigh, a knowing glance, and a twiddling of thumbs until it’s time for the next swing through the revolving door, serving government then going back to the very same industries they regulate. We don’t mean Citigroup or Morgan Stanley or BlackRock getting to choose who runs the economy in this country so they can capture our government. No.

Today’s Wall Street Journal included further details about these efforts:

Progressive groups and labor unions are assembling a list of vetted candidates for top posts in a potential Clinton administration, vowing at the same time to block any they consider too close to industry or Wall Street.

The campaign sets the stage for a potentially bitter battle among factions of the Democratic Party as allies of Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren try to pull the party to the left before and after the November election.

Should Hillary Clinton win the White House this fall, the potential fights over appointments will determine whether Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and their far-left allies are able to fundamentally reshape America in their image – the topic of an AR2 web ad from earlier this year:

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