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VP Pence: It Would Be “High Honor” To Cast Deciding Vote For Betsy DeVos

On Fox News Sunday this AM, the Vice-President was highly critical of Senate Democrats’ obstruction of the President’s Cabinet nominees.

He then noted that despite their efforts, he was “very confident” that Betsy DeVos will be confirmed and said it would be his “high honor” to cast the deciding vote in support of her nomination.

CHRIS WALLACE: In ten seconds, Mr. Vice-President, how confident are you that you have the 50 votes so that you can cast the tie-breaking vote to put Betsy DeVos in as Education Secretary, ten seconds?

VICE-PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE: We’re very confident that Betsy DeVos is going to be the next Secretary of Education and it will be my high honor to cast the deciding, tie-breaking vote on the floor of the Senate next week. 

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