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VP Biden Doesn’t Have A Problem With Sessions As AG

When pressed yesterday by CNN’s Jake Tapper, Vice-President Joe Biden indicated that he does not have a problem with Jeff Sessions serving as the nation’s next Attorney General. Watch the clip below from NTK Network:

JAKE TAPPER: I know you’ve been reluctant to talk about individual cabinet selections, but there is one, a former colleague of yours, Senator Sessions, that you once voted against when he was up for a federal judgeship.

VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: As he points out, I led the fight against him.

TAPPER: Yeah, you led the fight against him in 1986 when he was up for federal judgeship. Democrats said that he was racially insensitive, Republicans said that, in fact, he had prosecuted the Ku Klux Klan and this was all a smear and you voted against him, he never got out of a committee. Are you comfortable with Attorney General Jeff Sessions?

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: I was talking to Jeff on the floor yesterday. I wouldn’t have appointed Jeff, but, you know people learn, people change and my general rule is, the president gets to choose who he wants or she wants for their cabinet members unless either they are taking over the job with the express purpose of not enforcing the law in that area, like for example the new guy, I don’t know him at all, the EPA. Well, if he’s going not to enforce the clean air and clean water act, in the name of jobs, then that’s not a guy you vote for. I voted against a former housing cabinet person. I voted against someone who headed the Department of Education and he said ‘I want to get rid of the department.’ So within bounds, the president should get the person that they want for that job, as long as they commit, under oath, that they are going to uphold the law.

TAPPER: It sounds like you think Senator Sessions will uphold the law.

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: I’m hoping he will. Let’s see what he says in his confirmation hearing. Let’s see what commitments he makes.

Biden’s comments received write-ups in Breitbart and The Daily Caller

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