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VIDEO: Wyden Flips Out During Price Hearing When His Hypocrisy Gets Brought Up

Sen. Johnny Isakson just exposed how ridiculous Senate Democrats’ attacks on Tom Price are by putting the shoe on the other foot.

During this AM’s hearing, Sen. Isakson cited how observers could conclude that a mutual fund owned by Senator Ron Wyden means that he would support raising pharmaceutical prices. Senator Wyden, who has led the charge criticizing Price, did not take too kindly to that assertion:

SENATOR ISAKSON: One other point, any one of us can take a financial disclosure, something called desperate impact where you take two facts one over here and one over there to make a wrong. any one of us could do it to disrupt or misdirect people’s thoughts. It has been happening to you because people have taken things you have disclosed and trying to extrapolate some evil that would keep you from being secretary of HHS, when the fact it shouldn’t be true. For example, when you go Senator Wyden’s annual report. He owns some interest in BlackRock Floating Rate Income Fund. The major holding of that fund is Valeant Pharmaceuticals.  2,700 percent increase last year in pharmaceutical prices. We are not accusing the Ranking Member of being for raising pharmaceutical prices but you could take that extrapolation and indict somebody and accuse them of something isn’t that true?

TOM PRICE: I think that’s correct, yes, sir.

SENATOR ISAKSON: So the point. In the end we ought to be looking for the best person, man or woman. Not trying to trick them into agreeing something is wrong, but in fact support him in improving medicare for the American people? I thank you for you time and reserve the rest of my time.

SENATOR WYDEN: Point of personal privilege Mr. Chairman.

SENATOR HATCH: Okay. Senator Wyden.

SENATOR WYDEN: I do not trade in health care stocks.

SENATOR ISAKSON: My only point to Senator Wyden is you do have mutual funds like most of us have, the mutual funds have holdings in pharmaceuticals. one of them you did but nobody should accuse somebody of holding pharmaceutical stocks. 

SENATOR WYDEN: Mr. Chairman, continuing on this point of personal privilege. Mutual funds in particular, by independent experts, ethics experts are considered in a completely different category than personal trading in stocks.

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