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VIDEO: SEIU President Mary Kay Henry “Overworked and Underpaid” At $150 Bucks An Hour?

This Saturday at SEIU’s “Fight for $15” minimum wage march in Richmond, VA, AR2 video trackers caught SEIU President Mary Kay Henry jumping around, dancing and chanting that she was “overworked and underpaid,” then saying, “all we want is $15 dollars.” It’s a bizarre act considering Henry makes nearly $300,000 a year according to SEIU’s 2015 financial disclosure – more than $150 an hour for a normal workday. Check out the video:

Henry also claims to be “family” with the protesters – albeit in a different tax bracket with her healthy six-figure salary:

Overall, the weekend didn’t exactly go as planned for SEIU, which finally made public its formal ownership of the “Fight for $15” campaign this year after funding it to the tune of some $20 million over the last few years. Most notably, her speech to open the convention on Friday was interrupted for some 10 minutes by protesting “Fight for $15” organizers who say SEIU isn’t even paying them $15 an hour, and that the union was opposing their efforts to organize under SEIU’s staff union. See the video here:

On top of this embarrassing footage and the fact that SEIU’s hypocrisy in this debate continues to gain more attention, the leading local newspaper in Richmond greeted the activists with an editorial calling the $15 minimum wage campaign “misguided,” and that “that sharp and indiscriminate wage hikes will hurt the very people they are meant to help.” They were then joined by The Wall Street Journal’seditorial board describing Seattle’s unfortunate experience with $15:

Richmond Times-Dispatch: The Fight For $15 Is Misguided

Wall Street Journal: Seattle’s Minimum-Wage Education

While the “Fight For $15” plans to continue their demonstrations, it’s becoming more clear that their demands will only hurt American workers and that SEIU’s involvement is entirely motivated by politics for big labor’s self-interest.

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