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VIDEO: Gov. Jindal Torches DeVos’ Opponents & Highlights Their Hypocrisy

On Fox & Friends this morning, former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal ripped Democrats’ criticism of Betsy DeVos to shreds, pointing out their open hypocrisy on school choice and the fact that their attacks come because they “are in the pockets of the Teachers’ Unions”:

Watch below and also note Governor Jindal’s op-ed from earlier this month in support of DeVos’ confirmation:

 BOBBY JINDAL: Well look, the left is mad because Betsy is a fierce fighter for the equality of opportunity in education. Make no mistake about this, I know they’re going to try to distract this, this really comes down to two things: She’s pointing out the hypocrisy of the Democrats, most of those Senators going after her, attacking her, criticizing her, you can be assured their children, their grandchildren are going to great schools. They are not — the reason they’re so mad at Betsy is she wants the same opportunities for every child in America. 

Everybody says they’re for equality of opportunity in education. That’s not what we have in america Today. if you’re wealthy, if you have the means, you’ll send your child to a great private school or you’ll move to a neighborhood with a great public school. There are too many, too many children that are trapped in failing public schools, and Betsy wants school choice, she wants the dollars to follow the child instead of the child following the dollar. She’s showing the left, showing the Democrats to be hypocrites on this. 

Secondly, so many of these Democrats are in the pockets of the Teachers’ Unions. They’re more interested in defending a failed system rather than actually defending these kids and a lot of these are low income kids, many of these are minority kids. These are kids that need a shot at the American Dream, that same American Dream that brought my parents here in the first place. I commend Betsy for having the courage to stand up for her beliefs, I commend President Trump for appointing somebody who’s going to shake up to the status quo. So, look the Democrats are hypocrites on this issue. They pretend like they’re for the equality of opportunity, they pretend like they care about these poor kids, they’re actually more worried about the system and the Teachers’ Unions.

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