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VIDEO: Democracy Alliance Hobnobs At Luxury Hotel With So-Called ‘Middle Class Champion’

After Elizabeth Warren plainly ignored the message sent by voters during her speech last week at the AFL-CIO, she took another step to show just how out of touch she is by hobnobbing with George Soros and friends at the 5-Star Mandarin Oriental hotel in DC today.

NTK Network obtained video of Warren arriving and quickly being whisked away behind closed doors:

Warren was at the hotel because it is playing host to a Democracy Alliance gathering, which is network of ultra-liberal donors who spend their fortunes trying to elect extreme progressives that want to expand Washington D.C.’s power.

Instead of holding political conferences ensconced at center of D.C. luxury, progressives need to understand that their policies are being rejected by middle class Americans for a reason.

If they want to learn why their agenda was soundly rejected last week, they need to get out of the opulence of the D.C. bubble and start listening to the problems of everyday Americans. If they keep palling around with fellow millionaires, they will only ensure that their out-of-touch policies continue to be rejected.

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