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VIDEO: Teresa Hensley: I’m The Candidate To “Fight Right To Work,” Carry Out Big Labor Agenda

At a Labor Day picnic in Springfield yesterday, Missouri Rising trackers caught Teresa Hensley saying that she is running for Attorney General in order to “fight Right to Work” and carry out Big Labor’s agenda in Jefferson City:

Hensley: “And it’s important that that we have elected official statewide that are willing to fight Right-To-Work, are willing to fight for affordable housing, and good education, and a living wage for everyone. You know, the old saying, I don’t know which came first the chicken or the egg, I don’t really remember which came first, me being a Democrat or being a strong union supporter. Growing up in my dad’s household, I was a strong union supporter. But I know that Democrats, throughout history, we know in the United States, have given us Medicare and given us minimum wage. We know that unions have given us eight hour working days and benefits. They go hand-in-hand.”

Hensley’s loyalty to the big labor bosses should come as no surprise, since she pocketed a $25,000 donation in June from a Carpenters’ Union front group reportedly funneling money to an array of Missouri candidates and groups with the sole purpose of defeating Right To Work.

What Hensley is really saying is that she opposes economic growth and job creation in Missouri, because that is what will happen if Right To Work legislation is passed. Employment opportunities have increased in states that have passed Right To Work, but politicians like Teresa Hensley and Chris Koster oppose this common sense legislation because their campaigns are bankrolled by big labor.

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