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VIDEO: “An Exemplary Attorney General”

AR2 is out with a new video compilation of this morning’s testimony that is full of praise about why Jeff Sessions would make, “an exemplary Attorney General.” Watch the video and see a full transcript below that shows strong support for Sessions’ confirmation:

ON-SCREEN TEXT: “Exemplary Attorney General”

MIKE MUKASEY, FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL: “I’ve submitted a statement to the committee and I’m happy to answer any questions relating to it or any other subject that the committee thinks is relevant to passing on the qualifications of Senator Sessions but, of course, I’m here for the convenience of the committee, not simply to orate and after watching yesterday’s hearing and Senator Sessions’ responses the committee’s questions, I think it one thing I have to add to what I have already submitted at this point is to say that the person you saw and heard yesterday is very much the person I came to know beginning in 2007 when I first appeared before this committee. Principled, intelligent, knowledgeable, thorough, modest and thoroughly dedicated to the rule of law and to the mission of the department, which is to enforce the law and to reserve our freedoms. So I thank you very much for hearing me.”

PETER KIRSANOW, EX-CHAIRMAN OF U.S. CIVIL RIGHTS DIVISION: “No one has been more committed or engaged than Senator Jeff Sessions in protecting and enhancing the prospects of black workers in America. But for his indefatigable efforts in this regard the plight of black workers now and in the immediate future and the foreseeable future would be demonstrably worse. His leadership on this matter and his leadership on the Subcommittee, on Immigration and the National Interest has been key to restoring an even deeper, downward trajectory for black workers in this country. And I will Mr. Chair conclude by simply respectfully offering that his record on civil rights legislation, his actions as U.S. Attorney, state attorney, demonstrate an unwavering commitment to equal protection under the law and a genuine fidelity to the rule of law that should make him an outstanding attorney general. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.”

JAYANN SEPICH: “In conclusion, our lives were shattered when our daughter was brutally murdered. We know intimately the pain that violent crime brings to family. Senator Sessions that shall he understands the pain of victims at that but that understanding into action to help make changes that will make a difference. Senator Sessions will provide strong leadership to the United States Department of Justice, and I hope you will support his nomination for Attorney General. Thank you.”

CHUCK CANTERBURY, PRESIDENT OF FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE: “Senator Sessions has worked tirelessly and faithfully for the majority of his adult life. He is above all a man who reveres the law and reveres justice. I believe he will be an exemplary Attorney General, and we urge you to move this nomination forward to the Senate for passage.” 

LARRY THOMPSON, FORMER DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL: “So, as a lawyer myself who spent a fair amount of time during my 43 year legal career supporting diversity in our great profession and equal rights this statement touched me greatly because it reflects the man I have known over 30 years and who I’m proud to call my friend. Senator Sessions deserves confirmation as our next Attorney General.” 

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