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Veterans Help Solve Homelessness With Tiny Homes In Kansas City

Last year, veterans in Kansas City were determined to help solve the problem of homeless veterans in the city. These veterans came up with an innovative solution by creating a village of tiny homes through a partnership with the Veterans Community Project:

Then the group started talking about tiny houses, 12 feet by 20 feet, and created real buzz. The Veterans Community Project is now one of the hottest outreach efforts in town.

A planned village of as many as 50 “micro homes,” cuddly as could be, built to code and rent-free. Each with a bathroom, bed, desk and kitchen.

Two veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan spearheaded this unique idea and with only being 15 months into the project, their success is already beginning to show:

Jamison and Army veteran Chris Stout, both who served tours in Iraq (and Afghanistan for Stout), researched a few miniature-house communities — some of them makeshift slums — in other cities. The partners vowed to make their project one of lasting quality, a neighborhood ex-service members deserved.

 But as Veterans Day 2016 nears (Nov. 11), the first 10 tiny houses of the Veterans Community Project (VCP) are sprouting on 4.2 acres of never-developed land at Troost Avenue and 89th Street.

As we recognize the great contributions and sacrifices of our veterans this Veterans Day, more cities and citizens around Missouri and the rest of the country should follow the innovative example being set by these veterans in helping solve the tragic issue of veteran homelessness.

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