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Union Front Group ROC’s DC Protest Makes Big News In Dark Conspiracy Corner Of The Internet

Yesterday, AR Squared highlighted a potential “protest” planned by Restaurants Opportunities Centers United (ROC) founder Saru Jayaraman to do big labor’s bidding and advocate for a job crushing $15 minimum wage.

Turns out, this protest could’ve been held in a phone booth and still fit everyone that attended:

ROC %22protest%22

ROC’s publicity stunt didn’t garner much media coverage either, but lucky for them, the WordPress website was on the scene for some brilliant analysis.

In their intrepidly reported piece, they managed to compare employees in the food service industry to “slavery,” and claimed that the Ronald Reagan Building somehow has “neo-Nazi” ties.

Their “article” reads more like conspiracy rather than actual news, which is probably for the best since the last time ROC made news in DC it was about how they hired a liberal PR firm embroiled in a sexual harassment controversy to – you guessed it – promote its work in fighting sexual harassment!

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