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Tom Steyer Doesn’t Like TV Ads – Unless They’re About Himself

As Tom Steyer funds and uses his SuperPAC to build his name ID in advance of a political run, he is blanketing the California airwaves with TV ads featuring himself.  It’s bizarre then, that he would claim in an interview last night that TV ads aren’t the purpose of his SuperPAC:

That kind of claim might sound good, but it’s laughable coming from Steyer, who has poured millions into 16 different ads that have run throughout this year in California. On top of that, Steyer inexplicably claimed that TV ads don’t change minds:

For someone that has spent his own personal fortune on a multitude of television ads, this comment means that Steyer is either knowingly making bad investments or he’s a hypocrite.

It’s probably the latter. TV ads may be bad for everyone else, but Steyer has a history of operating on a different set rules, so it’s no surprise that he would trash TV ads in this interview while paying to fund those very same kind of ads on his own.

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