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The New Democratic Party To Shine Tonight

A few weeks ago at a Democratic Party Platform meeting, prominent Bernie Sanders supporter Nina Turner took time to welcome Hillary Clinton supporters to the “new Democratic Party,” and was met with wild applause. That was followed by Sanders himself being booed for even suggesting that his supporters vote for Clinton.

That new Democrat Party will be set in stone tonight when Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders take the stage at an American political convention and advocate for ideas that betray American values and ideals.

As AR Squared has outlined the past few weeks, the Democrats have approved what Bernie Sanders calls “the most progressive platform of all time,” calling for mountains of new taxes and spending. These proposals range from building on the massive failure of ObamaCare to implementing a new national energy tax but they all are part of the same plan which gives more power to the federal government and less freedom to the people of the country.

This is what Democrats have embraced this election. Any sense of fiscal restraint or support for free enterprise has been completely abandoned, replaced by a full endorsement of Sanders-Warren policies that would remake the American economy in an anti-capitalist image.

The first look at this new Democrat Party will happen tonight but they are just getting started. As their stranglehold over the Party continues to grow, the policies they preach will become more liberal, more hostile to American workers, and more extreme.

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