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The Iran Deal Turns One; A Look Back Shows Why It’s So Dangerous

On July 14, 2015, President Obama and his administration announced a new deal with Iran that would lift sanctions on one of the largest state-sponsors of terrorism and put in place policies that make it easier for Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon.

In the year since that disastrous deal was made, Americans have seen first-hand the many problems associated with the agreement. Between Iran’s tendency to break the deal, money flowing into Iran so they can fund terrorism, threats Iran still poses to our country and many other bad headlines, it’s very clear that Americans still do not support this deal. Take a look back at some of the stories from the past 366 days which clearly show how this deal has been bad for America:

Reuters “Iran Missile Tests ‘Not Consistent’ With Nuclear Deal Spirit: U.N. Report”

Associated Press“Iran Issues Vague Denial About Report Missile Test”

The Hill“Kerry: Some Iran Sanctions Relief Will Go To Terrorists”

NPR – “After Nuclear Deal, European Businesses Flock To Iran”

Gallup“After Nuclear Deal, U.S. Views Of Iran Remain Dismal”

FOX News “Fox News Poll: Voters Feel Iran Agreement Will Make U.S. Less Safe”

CNN “Poll: Americans Skeptical Iran Will Stick To Nuclear Deal”

NBC News “Iran Marks Revolution With ‘Death to America’ Chants”

In the interest of safety for America and our allies, our hope is that in year two, this agreement is ripped up, sanctions are reinstated, and America can stop negotiating with a country that is committed to destroying us.

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