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The ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Governor Or The Corrupt Governor?

A new FOX 8 WVUE explosive investigative report out today raises questions about “public corruption” in Governor John Bel Edwards’ administration. The report exposes Calvin Braxton, a state police commissioner appointed by Edwards, using his position to “threaten a state trooper who arrested his daughter” for driving while intoxicated.

But here’s the kicker: Edwards has known about this incidence for more than a year and has not done anything about it.

The FOX 8 WVUE investigative report raises questions about why Governor Edwards has not fired Calvin Braxton, let alone investigated this incident.

So what did Governor Edwards know, and when did he know it?

July 2016: A State Troopers Association attorney sent a letter to the governor outlining the incident, and urged the governor to charge Braxton and remove him from office. The governor did not respond.

June 2017: The State Troopers Association sent another letter – this time asking for a public hearing. Again, no response.

July 2017: Governor Edwards’ office told FOX 8 the governor was informed “just today” of the matter.

Is Edwards covering for a crony political friend, playing ignorant, or simply lying?

Governor Edwards has a history of shrugging off responsibility, and dishing out political favors for his friends and donors. This case of corruption with Police Commissioner Calvin Braxton just appears to be the latest episode in Edwards’ series of dirty politics.

Voters want leaders to drain the swamp and restore the power to the people, but Governor Edwards is busy dredging his own swamp in Louisiana as he is doing political favors for friends and allies.

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