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Teresa Hensley Stands Whole-Heartedly Behind ObamaCare

While Missourians are seeing their health care costs rise because of the failures of ObamaCare, Teresa Hensley has made it clear that she fully supports the law and would defend it as Attorney General.

In an interview on St. Louis Public Radio’s “Politically Speaking,” Hensley offered praise for the disastrous legislation and said that there are a lot of things with the law that, “work and are good and are beneficial.”

However, Hensley conveniently forgot to mention that because of the law, insurers have requested rate hikes in 2017 and Aetna has abandoned ObamaCare exchanges in the state,  leaving consumers with fewer options when it comes to health care.

Missouri needs an Attorney General that will fight this law and stand up for the people of the state who are facing increased costs and fewer choices. Instead, Teresa Hensley has made it clear that she will march in lockstep with Hillary Clinton and her party to ram ObamaCare down Missouri’s throat.

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