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SWIPES FROM THE LEFT: Rachel Maddow vs. Chuck Schumer

Sen. Chuck Schumer is struggling to keep his caucus in line as he continues his unprecedented obstruction of Judge Gorsuch. Now it appears he has even lost Rachel Maddow…

Not only does Maddow disagree with Schumer on whether or not Judge Gorsuch is mainstream, but now she is calling the Senate Democrats’ Supreme Court obstruction “radical.

Today, America Rising Squared released a new video to highlight the disconnect between the Senate’s top Democrat and TV’s top Democrat: Chuck Schumer vs. Rachel Maddow.

NEW America Rising Squared VideoSchumer vs. Maddow

SCHUMER: We want a mainstream nominee because that’s the right thing for America (1/24/17)

MADDOW: It seems like the choice of Judge Gorsuch is a relatively mainstream choice that you might expect from any Republican President.” (1/31/17)

ON-SCREEN TEXT: Sounds Like Senator Schumer Got His Wish…

SCHUMER: It is hard for me to imagine a nominee that Donald Trump would choose that would get Republican support, that we could support. So you’re right.

MADDOW: So you would do your best to hold the seat open. 

SCHUMER: Absolutely. (1/3/17)

MADDOW: If they can get 41 of the 48 to side with this strategy, they can, at least theoretically, they can block this nomination from the minority. It would be a radical move, it would change the way that Supreme Court nominees are approved in this country. (2/1/17)

ON-SCREEN TEXT: Even Maddow Thinks Schumer’s Obstruction Is “Radical” #ConfirmGorsuch

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