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Surprising No One, Fight For 15 “Campaign” Formally Voting To Join SEIU

As BuzzFeed News reported over the weekend, the “Fight for $15” campaign will formally vote to join the Service Employees International Union, confirming all along that their so-called “movement,” continues to be solely a big labor power grab.

Throughout this debate, unions and the “Fight for $15” have claimed that they are on the side of workers and want to help. However, a $15 minimum wage would actually crush the very workers it’s designed to help. It would lead to more automated workers, fewer hours and the total elimination of jobs throughout the industry.

The unions have poured over $20 million into the “Fight for $15” because they know that if they get a $15 minimum wage, they will get new members to increase their depressing rolls and advocate for their radical political agenda. This becomes all the more obvious now that “Fight for $15” is on the cusp of formally becoming a part of SEIU.

These latest developments show the true political calculation of big labor. They have no concern about the dire economic consequences of a $15 minimum wage but only care about expanding their power and political influence. As observers examine the minimum wage debate, it’s important to keep in mind the true motives and goals behind big labor’s push.

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