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Students, Parents, Teachers Offer Praise During Nat’l School Choice Week While Unions Shamelessly Attack

The benefits of school choice have been on full display this week as students, parents and teachers have come forward to extol the classroom experience that children in charter schools receive.

While unions are committed to attacking charter schools, the sampling below shows why they are a great tool for students and why leaders like Betsy DeVos are needed to reforming the education status quo in America:

Malik Washington, Student, Archbishop Carrol HS, Washington, D.C.: “For our families to have the same opportunities that wealthier families have when it comes to school is beautiful.”

 Matt Heilbrun, Parent At Torrington Valley Christian School, Torrington, WY: “We just want to give a thank you to our parents for sending their kids to Valley Christian.” 

  • “I think it’s good to be able to choose.”

David Chaney, Superintendent Of Epic Charter School, Oklahoma City, OK: “Every parent needs and deserves choices in respect to what they feel is best for their children.”  

Osvaldo Leal, Parent At IDEA Brownsville, Brownsville, TX: “As a parent, I value having the choice to decide what school is best for my child.” 

  • “Every parent wants the best education for their child. We want the best teachers who are committed to providing a quality education to their students, and I found that at IDEA.” 

Matthew Lococo, Principal At Ignite Innovation Academy, Greenville, NC: “Charter schools let you do different things. It allows me a lot more flexibility it allows our teachers a lot more flexibility and our kid’s a lot more flexibility.” 

Kris Arnold, Teacher At Ignite Innovation Academy, Greenville, NC: “You have the challenges that public schools may not be able to offer, we have students that are able to accelerate beyond what they could see in a public school as well.”

These comments show why school choice is a path that education reformers like Betsy DeVos desperately want to pursue, because it gives all students an opportunity to get a great education and succeed. Instead of getting behind this common sense measure, the teacher’s unions continue to resist in a desperate attempt to hold on to their political power.

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