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Shot: Markey Criticizes Big Oil…Chaser: Markey Takes $$$ From Big Oil

In an interview with the Boston Herald yesterday, Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey bemoaned energy leaders that have been nominated by the President-elect and claimed that they represent a, “big oil all-star team,” that will head up the new administration.

The ironic part of this comment is that, according to OpenSecrets, Sen. Markey has taken more than $150,000 from oil and gas as well:


Perhaps Sen. Markey should see who he accepts money from before rushing to criticize the President-elect’s nominees.

Instead, he chooses to launch partisan attacks that don’t tell the whole story and misrepresent the records of upstanding public servants like Scott Pruitt.

Any examination of Pruitt’s track record will show that he won’t prioritize one industry over another, but will be a fair Administrator that protects our environment while allowing our economy to thrive.

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