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Senators To Franken On SCOTUS: “Get Over What Happened”

Several Democrats have talked about the importance of moving forward and giving Judge Gorsuch fair consideration. Particularly, Sen. Feinstein and Sen. King have both expressed the need to “get over what happened” and after his meeting this afternoon, Sen. Franken should echo his colleague’s words instead of harping on the past:
The other week, Franken agreed with late-night talk show host Bill Maher that this process is not about the qualifications of Judge Gorsuch but rather the “stolen” seat. Here is what his liberal colleagues in the Senate have to say about that…
Sen. Feinstein“Democrats will either vote for him or vote against him. But the process is important and it’s important that we carry it out. It’s also important, I think, that we get over what happened last year.” 

Sen. King: “In my view, the Senate essentially abdicated its constitutional responsibility to do its job. It was pretty straightforward. I got into an impromptu debate with Chuck Grassley on the floor about this. I just happened to be there, he made a statement, and I rose and objected because … However, having said that, we are where we are. The reality is we have to deal with the situation as we, as it plays out now. The Democratic caucus does not have the vote…”

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