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Senator McConnell Praised For Taking Steps To Advance Conservative Judges

As Senate Democrats continue their unprecedented obstruction efforts, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is refusing to allow them to control the government from the minority.

That’s why Sen. McConnell told The Weekly Standard that the “blue slip” procedure meant to advance judges nominated by the President is not “an opportunity to blackball” qualified individuals from serving on the federal bench. In recent days, Sen. McConnell has taken steps to advance the conservative individuals that President Trump has picked to serve, and has been deservedly praised for his decisive action:

Wall Street Journal: (Editorial): “McConnell Is Right To Override Democratic Judicial Vetoes”  

The Weekly Standard: “Mitch McConnell Goes To The Mattresses For Trump’s Judicial Nominees” 

Politico: “McConnell Ratchets Up Judicial Wars — Again”

Thanks to Sen. McConnell, these qualified judges should start to advance through the Senate at a faster rate. His leadership on this issue has been invaluable in ensuring that the Constitution and conservative jurisprudence is once again a key tenet of our federal judicial system.

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