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Senate Confirms NLRB Nominee, Restoring Common Sense To Gov’t Agency

This evening, the Senate voted to confirm President Trump’s nomination of William Emanuel to serve on the National Labor Relations Board. Earlier this year, the Senate confirmed another one of the President’s nominees, Marvin Kaplan, to serve on the Board as well.

The confirmation of Mr. Emanuel now gives conservatives a 3-2 majority on the five-member panel, which is a huge step in the right direction for workers, employers, and consumers. Instead of having a rogue government agency undoing years of legal precedent (4,559 years of precedent to be exact) and penalizing the private sector, the new NLRB majority will be a steward for job creation, economic growth, and American leadership.

The Senators that voted against Mr. Emanuel’s nomination are clearly beholden to their special interest Big Labor donors, who oppose any effort to empower workers and curb the influence of their politically motivated unions. It’s obvious that they care far more about a quick campaign check than helping their constituents get back to work or getting the government off the backs of their states’ employers.

Now that Emanuel has been confirmed, the NLRB can finally get to work and achieve its mission of fighting for the American worker and making the United States the best place in the world to start, grow, and run a business.

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