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Sen. Cruz Crushes Dems On Dark Money

In a memorable clip from this afternoon’s Senate Judiciary Cmte hearing, Sen. Cruz destroyed one of Democrats’ main arguments against Judge Gorsuch & explained how partisan politics is their only explanation for opposing this highly-qualified nominee:

CRUZ: “On the merits , this decision would be easy indeed. If this were being decided on the merits, Judge Gorsuch would be confirmed 100 to nothing and we don’t have to speculate about that because he has been. A decade ago on The Court of Appeals, The Senate confirmed him by a voice vote which means not a single Democrat spoke out against his confirmation. Not Senator Feinstein, not Senator Leahy, not then-Senator Obama, not then-Senator Hillary Clinton, not then-Senator Joe Biden. So what’s changed in a decade? We have a decade of exemplary service on The Court of Appeals that makes his nomination even stronger but something else has changed, the politics of it.”

“You know it’s interesting that a number of Democratic Senators have talked about what they call dark money. Organizations that are expressing free speech to share their views about Judge Gorsuch. There’s an irony to the attack of my Democratic colleagues. Because it is indeed because of dark money from corporations that we are seeing this Democratic filibuster. What explains the conduct here is simple, it is politics. And the politics are that in the Democratic Party, there are outside groups that are corporations mind you, that are organized and formally incorporated. That are spending vast sums of money to organize left-wing activists to put political pressure on Senate Democrats. And it is that political pressure which is yielding the unprecedented result here. A Democratic Senator some weeks ago told me, in a moment of candor, ‘you’ve got to understand all of us on the Democratic side, we’re afraid of being primary from the left. We’re afraid of doing anything, other than opposing Trump on everything.’ That’s what we are seeing playing out. It is the action of a handful of left-wing billionaires, spending money to organize activists on the ground that are in effect holding Democratic Senators hostage.”

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